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Hi everyone,

I just received a wireless MS 6000 keyboard v.3, and it appears to interfere with my Wifi router because sometimes the keyboard doesn't respond at all during many seconds.

A quick internet research confirmed that this problem is alas common with this keyboard.

What I'd like to know is : if there any way to prevent interferences ? I don't think there is but, who knows..
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  1. If you rely on wireless for internet, try not to use any other wireless equipment anywhere near the router or the computer.

    It's as simple as that.

    While it may be tempting to use a wireless mouse (to avoid the trailing wire of a regular mouse) I can see no virtue in wireless keyboards.

    I would not use something that needs batteries, doesn't work all that reliably and (at least in some cases) won't work outside Windows when regular keyboards have none of those problems.
  2. fihart : totally agree with you, I think in most cases a keyboard doesn't need to be wireless in the least.

    I bought this keyboard because it doesn't exist in wired version and it has a very nice touch. But if I could find the same wired keyboard I would choose it without hesitation.
  3. If you haven't yet heard about them, look for an original IBM PS2 Keyboard. These are were made for less than ten years beginning about 1986 but are of bulletproof construction and the benchmark for key responsiveness and feedback.

    The one I'm using now was originally supplied in 1987 (when they cost about $225).

    Obviously can only be found secondhand -- mine was from a flea market for about $5 and was a pretty unhygenic looking. But as you can see from the link they are easy to clean and come up like new (and have a slightly obsessive following) oh and if your computer is new you'll probably need a PS2 to USB converter:
  4. I solved the problem actually, I changed the USB port and made a resynchronisation between keyboard and receiver, now it works fine.

    I must add that the key typing feeling of this keyboard is pretty amazing (like half way between desktop keyboard and laptop keyboard), very silent.

    Thanks all anyway.
  5. I have heard that there are some good keyboards out there now, so I'm glad you solved it without having to join the ranks of the IBM keyboard nutters.
  6. I just bought the same set, and the keyboard is amazing in its feel. The mouse isn't bad either. But apparently there's a lot of problems with the connectivity on any sort of Microsoft keyboard.

    I've had mine for a week or so and I'm starting to see problems with the mouse and keyboard dropping signals. I don't have any other wireless devices in the room, and the receiver is plugged into my monitor inches from my mouse and keyboard. This is common apparently, and I guess its only going to get worse.

    I've got 30 days to return them for a refund, but I've never felt a nicer keyboard.

    If anyone else has suggestions on a nice ergonomic wireless keyboard that would be super.
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