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Guys, does anyone know anything about Laptop GPU retailers. I'm not talking about Sager or Alienware. I'm talking about where do these guys purchase their system video cards that they build.

I have a 9800m GTX that is just about to crap out on me. Get the system lock and says that the n4_disp driver is having problems. Changed the driver but same thing. Does this on all Cod versions. Even with lower settings. So I think I need a new one.

Sager 9260 on Clevo D900C board.

So who sells cards for these things other than the Laptop builders. Xotic wanted $750 for a new 9800m but I wanted to get maybe an ATI 4870 if it would work.

Can anyone help me out.
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  1. I don't know of any places where you can but just the GPU other than the retailers. MXM-upgrade has a stock of some, but they're generally missing the high-performance ones. You can also go on ebay, but finding one that will work for you is iffy.

    The problem is that not everyone uses the same socket/slot for GPUs. Since there's no standard, you will have a very difficult time finding a GPU that will fit in your notebook having full confidence it'll work.

    There is good news, however. You may be able to fix your 9800 by baking it in the oven. Over time, the solder in the board can fracture, which can cause all sorts of strange problems. Baking it can re-melt the solder and fix these fractures.

    Before you jump into that, however, you should be sure you're not having a temperature issue. What are your load temps like?
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