Erecovery in acer aspire one gone with upgrade from XP to windows 7

Hi everybody,

I have an Acer One ZG5 and yesterday i decided to upgrade from win XP to 7. As this computer doesn't have any optical drive for restoring the system, i had a eRecovery icon on the desktop with XP.
But... as soon as Win 7 was installed, the eRecovery icon was not on the desktop anymore and... i have no idea where to find it. I have had a look at all the programme files but nothing seems to be what i'm looking for. My question is, if i want to go back to XP with the factory settings, what are my options?
It's not that i don't like 7, it's more in case of big bug or slow down sometimes i just retore the system and everything is like brand new.
I tried the alt + F10 but it doesn't react, in the bios the recovery is enabled though...

Thanks for your answers.

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  1. You cannot do an in-place upgrade from XP to 7; it requires you to do a full format. Any of the data you had on your machine when you had XP on it is now lost unless you saved it externally or on a partition that you did not format.

    That being said, your recovery application has probably been deleted if it was on your desktop and in your program files before. The only way to re-install XP now would be from an OEM image formatted to be installed from a USB flash drive.
  2. Thank you for your answer, frozenlead. I did now make an image before installing 7 so i guess that XP has to be forgotten. Anyway 7 is much better...
  3. Check Acer's website and see if you can download eRecovery for Win7. I would think they would let you.
  4. Strange, :non: I have an Acer A0751h - came with Vista home basic.... I formatted C:\ then Clean installed Windows 7.
    The hidden partition is still there, it is still functional - if I select it. It can be found under My Computer\manage\Disk Magement. It is hidden. The original Restore partition on all my Acer AOA 110s - AOA150s are all intact, and I have Clean installed Windows 7 on every one.
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