I need to install windows 7 on my desktop using my laptop

my desktop crashed. i have a laptop running windows 7. i have my desktop's hd hooked up to it via eSATA connection. i have reformatted it and want to install windows 7 home premium on it. how can i use my laptop to install w7 onto my desktop's hd?
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  1. I haven't tried this before but it might work. Insert the Windows 7 DVD and reboot your laptop. Start setup and see if the external HD is listed. Does your desktop PC have an optical drive? That would be the easiest way.
  2. That's where my main problems lie. I rebooted, but my laptop will not boot up withe the desktop hd hooked up to it. can I hook it up after the initial reboot process starts? Sadly the Desktop has nothing but a hd, mother board, and video card. It my girlfriend's pc built by her ex who knows less than i do about this stuff...
  3. So the desktop doesn't have an optical drive? You can install 7 from a USB drive. what you want to do while possible is problematic. It would be easier to install the OS with the hdd in the desktop.
  4. I don't have the desktop with me. I'm stuck with just the hd from it. I know its problematic. That seems to be my middle name these days. I have Daemon Tools Pro Advanced Edition. Would that be of any use to me? If so how?
  5. You are going to need the desktop you are not going to be able to do a full install without it. The best you are going to be able to do is partition the drive, out the installation files intruder and make it notable so that when the drive is installed in the desktop the install will be quick and easy to start. Even if you manage to install windows on the drive using the laptop odd are it won't work in the desktop due to the hardware differences.
  6. crap... thanks for the knowledge. ill go get the desktop and grab a usb drive to do it right then.
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