Rear left speaker not working.

I am planning on buying a new 5.1 sound system (the logitech z506). One of my friends has a logitech x-530 which from specs seems to be quite similar. I am testing them on my computer to see how they sound. I have run into a problem. The rear left speaker does not seem to work (the other one does).

I have an Asus p8p67 motherboard and Windows 7 64-bit ultimate installed. I am using the integrated sound card. I have installed the Realtek Audio Driver which came with the mobo. The speaker configuration is setup as 5.1. When I click on each speaker on the speaker configuration tab to test them they all of the work apart from the rear left one. When I click on that one sound comes out of the sub-woofer (sound also comes out of the sub-woofer when I click on the sub-woofer). When I turn on a movie I can hear sound from all of the speakers apart from this one.

Does anybody here know what the problem is and how I can solve it? Is the speakers or a problem with my PC. My friend cannot test the speakers himself as the laptop which he has at the moment (MSI GT 660) does not have a working 5.1 output.

Apart from that is the z506 a good buy for €75 (£66/$107.60) with postage? Please keep in mind that I live in Ireland where things can be more expensive (computer parts are anyways).
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  1. You could have a faulty port on the integrated sound card or the speaker could be dead. If its your pc you can always get a cheap sound card.
  2. I managed to get my old PC (which runs on Windows Vista 32-bit) working which also has a 5.1 output. I got the same problem with the rear left speaker. This seems to show that it is a problem with the sound system. Is there anything that can be done to get it working?
  3. look closely at the connections.

    is the 3.5mm connection pushed all the way in?
    1mm can be enough to make it not work.

    does the speaker system have cords that can be attached and detached from the amp?
    maybe one of those isnt proper.
    maybe the person yanked on a wire while they were getting the system ready to give to you.

    obviously you would want to plug the speaker into a different port if you could.. to see if the amplifier channel is working or if the speaker itself has a problem.
  4. I have an old cheap 5.1 so I put two of the old speakers in both rear ports (the right one acted as a control). When I did this they both worked but the left front speaker started messing up. Then I put the original speakers back in and the left rear one worked. Now the left front is also working. I therefore have a feeling that there is a loose connection in the amplifier/sub-woofer. Does this make any sense and if yes what should I/he do about it?
    Also can anybody give any input about the z506 speakers?
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    is it the connections on the speakers or the amplifier that are loose?

    perhaps they need a wiggle to make the connection contact.

    if that is the case..
    those jacks can be bought seperately and soldered into the old one.

    sometimes you can actually get in there with something small and bend the pins back.
    you have to do it from the top or rear of the jack.
    and that means taking it apart.
    sometimes they have a plastic or metal cover that needs to be removed before you can get to the pins and bend them back.
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