I need a new headset!

Yep, my Turtle Beach EarForce AK-R8 is aging. It's a big pain with the unsupported Win7 as well. Being a noob in the sound field, I wanted to ask for the most part what is it that can tell you "these are gonna sound great" by looking at the specifications alone?

I've been reading good reviews on the Razer Megalodon and Logitech G35. I would like a Sennheiser but to spend another $100 on a very good sound card and $200 on a headset for analog is not an option. I'd appreciate hearing personal experiences with the two as well since I might go with either one; those who have gotten them to work to full potential though :p

Thanks for the help!
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    the only thing in the specifications you are going to get that is going to be of any use is the bass.
    if you really want some bass.. you have to look for a frequency response that gets down into the single digits.
    something like 4hz or 8hz would let you know the headphones will be producing some bass in the 20hz - 30hz area.

    anything else is a complete guess.
    you could check the power requirements and the ohm rating.
    anything above 40 ohms might be too high and require an amplifier.
    i know the 60 ohm headphones are supposed to require an amplifier.
    some headphones are 70 ohms .. and they really really need an amplifier (like hardly no sound at all)

    the ohms is best to know if you can run them off a soundcard or if you need a dedicated amplifier.
    the power rating is said in mW
    higher numbers mean they will either not distort.. or you dont have to worry about them suddenly dieing from listening to them loudly.
    i have found it to be true that the higher numbers means they wont distort.. but could die if they are somehow abused.

    my experience was brief.
    there wasnt any distortion.. but perhaps i forced the speaker cone to move in and out more than it was designed for and it broke (or the speaker itself was defective from the start).

    bursts of power are not really important compared to the constant or RMS or 'nominal' power.
    if you go over with this number.. the speakers will do one of three things:
    1. distort
    2. suddenly die one day
    3. both

    some people consider 'suddenly die' to be different.
    it could be a scratchy noise that comes one day.. and the scratchy noise would probably get worse and worse until the audio output stops.. you bump it and it might come back on and then completely refuse to play any audio no matter how much you bump on it.
    suddenly die might mean the speaker is playing and the thing fizzles and stops playing audio completely.

    usually the scratchy happens and it lasts until the speaker slowly dies and never returns to life.
    depends on how the speaker is made, as to which way it dies.
    it could also depend on how the speaker was abused, as to which way it dies.


    if you are in the market for headphone surround sound..
    i would probably suggest trying this combo: surround&cp=11&lp=14

    and this: surround&cp=12&lp=1

    i havent heard the accuracy of the surround sound box.. but apparently it is the same thing that comes with most of their surround sound headsets that get good reviews.

    i have heard the headphones before, they sound good for anything from rap to classic rock.
    when you move away from rap and pop.. you might have to bump the bass down if you are overly picky.
    for movies and video games.. the bass is welcomed with wide open arms (as well as the base).
  2. are you looking for a headset with a microphone or just a good pair of headphones?

    i just bought a pair of audio-technica ath-m50s and for the $160 price point they are great. even without an amp. i think they are around 35ohm resistance. definitely better than stuff like the bose, other brands you might see commonly.

    keep in mind that you get a great soundstage even with some non-surround headphones. the multi-driver units might be using cheaper drivers to compete on the same price point so your sound might not be as good as a non surround model. often times you can determine intensity and direction through non-s models or so multiple forums on the internet state. i havent had a chance to test this much with this headset but if its all software driven i believe it.
  3. Sorry, my fault-this is a headset for gaming. I'm going to be getting back into that, so a headset with a microphone is necessary and top sound quality is just something I want to spoil myself with (preferably something 7.1).

    So a lot of what anwaypasible explained to me helped. Fortunately both of the headsets are of similar specifications.
  4. i think you could use a microphone on a webcam.
    maybe you move the webcam closer to make your voice louder.

    maybe you get a microphone and clip it (or glue.. velcro.. tape.. wire twist-tie) the microphone onto the headphones.

    i know i have heard people way too close and loud in their microphones.
    having a microphone right up to your mouth is certainly one reason it happens.
    most people dont seem to have a standard as to the voice input level.

    if everybody used a video game with voip inside of it.. they should all be aiming for 50% in the bar (or 75%)
    same thing with teamspeak or whatever other voip client.

    i cant go on focusing when somebody comes along and talks into their microphone and we all hear it too loud.
    if everybody on the team has the same input level..
    then you pick out the people who sound pretty much the same, and you tell one of them to lower their input a little bit.
    that way you dont get confused when the person talks on the microphone.
    most people have their own play style.
    and when the person who talks on the microphone is always on the outside edge of the map (or if they always wander off where nobody is) then you will know what area of the map you need to be at to help (or intercept the enemy).

    i think most clans will tell people to lower their mic volume if it is too loud.
    going the extra step to get organized can really help win.
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