Sub-woofer, RCA/Speaker Wires?

Hey There,

I am using an old RCA receiver (pro-login receiver, 5.1) and a RCA Subwoofer (RT2290- 50-100W, 8 ohm) that looks like this.

My problem arises when I go to plug things in- the receiver has a single RCA port for a subwoofer output, while the subwoofer has the standard black/brown speaker wire ports in the back of it.

What I'd like to know- Can I buy just a cable for this sort of problem, or make one? Would this be too much strain on the cable- I am not sure how the RCA port was designed.........

I obviously know nothing about these things, please just let me know. Thanks. :bounce:
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  1. if there is no RCA connection on the back of the subwoofer.. that means there is no amplifier.
    you need an amp for the subwoofer.

    most of the home theater in a box receivers have the subwoofer amp inside of the receiver.
    most of the regular home theater receivers force you to use a subwoofer that has its own amplifier.

    that sub probably is ment for one of the home theater in a box systems.
    if your receiver has no amp.. and the subwoofer has no amp.. it isnt going to work.
    you would have to put your head up to the subwoofer with your ear 1 inch away.. and you still might not hear anything because the signal needs amplified.
  2. Cheap amplifier ftw?
  3. if you don't have a powered sub that is ok as long as you have at least 2 speaker inputs and outputs , this would allow you to run this off of the front main , left and right and maybe center sometimes .but if you only have 1 speaker level input , that would be problem. i suppose the easiest way to find if you have a powered sub, is there would be a cord to plug it into the wall if it were powered. if you decide that you need a sub woofer amp, ebay and parts express are the few places i have seen these .as much as i have wanted to build my own powered sub these amps from parts express for what they are they aren't that great for what they are . read reveiws at amazon if you want to find out the whole story
  4. the above post is talking about a subwoofer that has a crossover inside of it to grab the bass and send it to the subwoofer.. and the midrange/treble goes to the speaker outputs where you would then connect the speakers.

    that is an older subwoofer design style.. but they do exist.
    you would know this to be true if there are speaker outputs on the subwoofer.
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