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Ive added a xp2400 to my abit kt7a raid motherboard, bootup shows running at 2000mhz and the bios defaults to 500, but processor runs at 2000mhz. Ive found since i got this processor, the pc locks up alot and ive gotta restart, and most the time reset the cmos manually on the board before i can get it to boot up to the bios

why is it doing this?

cpu temp is 46c and system is 35c, dpu fan is 3620rpm

Any ideas or solutions?
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  1. how are you measuring the CPU temp? if it's in BIOS, it'll have had plenty of time to cool down while you reset the CMOS & boot back up, so the actual temp could be a lot higher...

    What CPU did you have in there previously? And what heatsink are you using on the processor? When you fitted it, what thermal material did you use?

    Finally, what power supply are you using (Brand & wattage).. it could be that the new CPU's power requirements are just pushing it that little bit too far.

    The end is nigh.. (For this post at least) :smile:
  2. I measured cpu temp in the bios
    The previous cpu was 800duron. Ive got a heatsink that goes with the speed of this cpu, person said so when i bought it.I used some thermal paste between the cpu and heatskinkit, what thermal material did you use?
    Power supply is 300w, it says its pentium 4 compatible inside. If the power supply is a problem, would a higher one be better?
  3. A 300W PSU is too small...go with a good quality 400W PSU.

    Also, have you updated you mobo BIOS to the latest version? This could also be an issue.

    As for thermal paste, Arctic Silver is the best. You only need a very thin layer, almost translucent. If you apply too much, it can damage the CPU as you get paste where it shouldn't be.

    Good luck.

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