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Hey guys,

I'm frequently downloading things, but sometimes I lose connection and then need to start again. This is especially a problem with big files. Do you know of any good download managers that'll help solve this problem? Doesn't matter what browser they're based on, but it has to be free please. Thanks!
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  1. What browser are you using ?
  2. Mostly Google Chrome, but I also sometimes use Internet Explorer. Could get Firefox if needed.
  3. The download manager is built into the browser so if the browser has a weak download manager that's going to be the problem. When you use IE do you have the same issues , do you primarily download from Chrome ?
    I use IE and do not have any issues with downloads , maybe Chrome has a weak manager. Here are some links for download managers.
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    I haven't used a download manager for some time, but here is some good reading on the subject from Gizmo's site.
  5. @ Max thanks for the link! Everything is going much smoother now! Thank goodness!
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  7. Bitcomet and Download Accelerator Plus is one the best download manager so far.
    here are features of both.
  8. you can try to download file or pages via KingDownloadManager

    I hope you will get the solutions
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