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I have an athlon 2500+ on a shuttle xpc sn45g nforce2 ultra 400 mobo. i oced the proc to 3200+(11x200mhz). I also have a radeon 9600 pro. When i play Tron 2.0( or any cpu intensive programs) for about 30mins the game starts to stutter. so i exit the game and accidentally clicked on the 3dmark2003 shortcut and i saw my 3200+ clocked at 1896mhz! The CPU does get pretty hot about 53c Load. i tried it over and over and saw that the cpu underclocks itself making the game stutter. Is it a heat related issue? i used the thermal compound the shuttle xpc provided me. should i have used arctic silver? oh and wat voltage does the 2500+ barton use. my mobo auto-detects 1.69v. its pretty hot in my room too about 75c. thanx in advanced.
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  1. It turns out that Tron 2.0 is the only program that makes it underclock. I loop tested 3dmark2003 for 15mins and it didnt do it. Sandra showed that my cpu voltage was 1.66v while the bios show 1.69v. dunno which one to believe. im goin to try playing raven shied and other games to see if it makes it underclock.
  2. 75c room? thats 167F

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  3. 1.69v would be no load while 1.66 would be under a load. This is normal. 1896 is not a normal throttled speed as it is a slight overclock for the chip. Do you have to go into the bios to restore the 11 X 200?
  4. ooops i mean 75f. i set the multiplier in auto and the fsb to 200. it seems like Tron is the only program that makes it do this. maybe ill tinker with the settings.
  5. you could try slightly bumping up the cpu's voltage, but at your temps i wouldnt really recomend it, give it a try and see how much hotter the cpu gets, just keep it below 55c full load.

    .05v or even .025v (assuming your board allows such small incraments) should be all you will need.

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  6. I think he's safe with even 65 degrees under full load...my 1.2 T-Bird's been doing that for over 2 years now:)

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  7. Upped the voltage .25v got very hot but it did the same thing. I took off the case cover and played tron 2.0 and to my suprise everything was normal. im still confused why this doesnt happen to any other game.
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