Onkyo Receiver Troubleshooting

I'm experiencing HDMI audio/video problems I'm not able to resolve alone.
I have an Onkyo TX-SR604 Receiver with HDMI connections.
My receiver functions well in all areas I use except HDMI...I get AUDIO but NO VIDEO.

When I connect the DVD player using HDMI I get audio but no video. The same holds true with the cable box.
When I connect the DVD/ cable box direct to the TV everything works fine.
When connect to the receiver using composite or RCA cables everything works fine.

Please help me to resolve this issue.

Thank You,

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  1. i don't know a lot about these new hdmi cables but i do know that for some reason or another they aren't all completely compatible some are higher speed and such, but before you go buying new hdmi's keep in mind that onkyo isn't so hot of a company lately either .
  2. is it new?

    did you check the hdmi version on the cable box and dvd player?
    did you check the hdmi version on the onkyo receiver?

    wrong version or broken hdmi input on the receiver obviously.

    what is the benefit of running the video through the receiver?
    so you can keep the television on the same video input?
    that isnt a good enough reason for me.
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