ATI TV Wonder HD 650 Dual Tuner Windows 7 Problems

I recently received a Diamond ATI TV Wonder HD 650 Dual Tuner PCI card. I am running Windows 7 Ultimate N edition (64-bit). The box lists Windows 7 support, but after reading a myriad of forums I've found that AMD/ATI really doesn't support these older cards anymore. Most people have had to figure out some sort of workaround to get these cards to work rather than simply installing the drivers. I have attempted to get the card to work using a number of methods listed on different forums, and so far I have had no luck. The first thing I did was try to install the drivers that came on the CD. Those did not work. I went through the device manager and uninstalled the drivers, scanned for hardware changes, and tried again with a number of different drivers (9.12 Vista/Win7 64 wdm; 10.3 Vista32/64 unified wdm; 10.3 Vista/Win 7 64 wdm; 10.3 Win7 32/64 unified wdm), having no success with any of them. I've even browsed directly to the 64 bit drivers (Packages>Drivers>WDM>RIO>LH64A) on each of these drivers when installing through the device manager. Nothing has worked. Each time, the device manager lists "ATI Unified AVStream Driver", with the device status stating, "Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)" Any help with this would be fantastic, as I have been trying to get this to work after my old Hauppage WinTV card proved similarly unresponsive in Windows 7 (Hauppauge WinTV NTSC 38101 Rev B210 -- incase anyone knows how to get this to work in Windows 7 either). Any help would be appreciated.

Also, in regards to installing the drivers in Vista compatibility mode, I've tried simply right-clicking the setup.exe, going to properties, clicking the compatibility tab, and choosing to run in Windows Vista (service pack 2) compatibility, and the install just hangs until I end the process. I'm wondering if there is a different way to go about doing this, as I've seen a few people claim that this worked for them. Again, thanks for any help provided.
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