Sony professional parts - I need the ear cup support (left side) for the the Son

sony professional parts - I need the ear cup support (left side) for the the Sony MDR-7506

Do you sell just the plastic support?
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  1. this is a webforum not a repair parts store.

    you should contact sony directly and ask.

    that said, its only a $99 pair of headphones, might not be worth even repairing.
  2. does that mean the speakers are worn out.. or because maybe one pad is soft and the new one is hard?

    i could just picture somebody going cross-eyed from one pad being softer than the other one.
    some people would actually come up and say 'it helps me listen better to the details'
  3. hmm... my interpretation was that the u-shaped plastic piece that connects the headband to the earcup/speaker cylinder snapped but you could be right as well. not much clarification was given (and he thought we sold parts here).
  4. the person didnt say where the snap happend.
    i agree.. thinking sony parts are sold here (especially without a PM) is pretty ordeal.

    i would think something like mighty putty could fix any broken bracket.. unless it is the swivel 'knob' that allows it to swivel.

    glue and putty should be something people learn about in elementary school.

    wouldnt they have to send some glue to make the plastic attach to the metal adjustable area?
    sounds like something that would require the headphones to be sent in for repair.
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