Hello, I can log into & out of facebook, but it is only a word document not a media or visual page. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?
I have sent numerous reports to facebook, but they have done nothing in my case.
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  1. I haven't come accross any issues , if your user name and password are not working correctly then you need to contact Facebook.
  2. post a screenshot.
  3. some one messed with your routing to prevent you from accessing face book (i.t. admin, your dad or mom, your schools it team, or a really great friend)

    to validate my theory:
    click start type cmd
    ping www.facebook.com

    what ip address comes up?
  4. I suspect that the problem is with your web browser, i.e. Firefox, Chrome, etc.

    Try opening Facebook with a different web browser than your actual one.
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