In need of some CPU help.

I recently bought a Barton 2500+ on, and I've been having some problems with it.. I often experience 'stutters' with it in games and audio while at high cpu usage. For example, I currently play Asherons Call II, the game music cannot even play without skipping or stuttering every second or two. I used to play winamp in the backround, and that also stutters. I moved my FSB down to 133 to be exactly like it was on my 1800+ and the stuttering is still there, leading me to believe I have a fault processor. I put back my old proc, and the problems were gone.

Here is a cpu-z screenshot. Im wondering why it says 'prossusor?". I currently have it overclocked, but even when at stock speeds, the problems occur. Full load temp on prime95 does not excede 48C, so not heating problem. Oh, also it's an AQXEA. <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>
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  1. Your problem is that you bought an AMD CPU and everyone knows that they're just pieces of junk!

    Just kidding! :p Do <i>not</i> take the above statement seriously. He he he. I just couldn't resist. :O

    On the serious side though, I'd say look at your voltages. Maybe the new CPU is sucking just a teeny bit more power and making your hard drive have occasional read errors or something that <i>are</i> correctable, but take a stutter-length of time to fix. That or something like it would be my best guess anyway.

    If your old proc runs at a lower FSB you could also run memtest on your RAM and that kind of stuff. I mean it could be any number of things, but it's highly unlikely to be the CPU itself causing the stutters. I think your new CPU is just bringing out a weakness in your system that your old CPU didn't push up against.

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  2. gotta agree there - a faulty CPU would cause crashes, and BSODs at best, and more likely would simply fail to work at all.

    however, considering you say it still does this when you underclock it, it seems quite unlikely to be a power issue... Best I could suggest would be try updating your BIOS, and using the latest drivers for everything (sound/mobo/Gfx)...

    Oh yeah:
    What mobo?
    What sound card?
    What operating system?

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  3. I think its a faulty CPU because the strain is the same on the mobo when i underclock the barton, and the problem is still there. I underclocked my barton to 133 FSB, which is what my old 1800+ was at, and the stutters kept happening. I'll look into my ram, but prime95 runs fine. So, unless anyone has any other ideas, or any tips to alleviate it, I'm going to go with the faulty CPU theory.

    My computer:

    epox 8rda+ (integrated sound)
    2x256 PC2700 ram
    radeon 9600 pro
    win xp pro
  4. I was thinking.. This also happens when I'm playing streaming shoutcast stations in the backround. I'm not sure if a harddrive problem would affect this stuttering. Meaning it would either be my Mobo or my CPU, and when I pop my old CPU back in, the problem goes away.

    I really need help with this issue, and I would appreciate any more ideas.

    Oh.. and in MBM 5 These are my voltages.
    +3.3 = 2.59
    +5.0 = 4.95
    +12.0 = 12.40

    Would that 3.3 line be my problem..?

    I am especially curious about the proc name on <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>
  5. yeah you need a better power supply or a better motherboard regulater.
  6. yeah, your 3.3 does look low, a new PSU certainly couldn't hurt.

    I know the problem you describe can happen on nforce2 mobos with win98SE, and is fixed by a windows Hotfix, no. <b>Q242937</b>, but I'd always thought it was fine in XP. you could look that hotfix up, nothing to lose...

    you could RMA the CPU, but I still reckon CPUs are a kind of 'black and white' affair, it'll either work OK, or it will make the PC hang/reboot all the time, so I would try other stuff first.

    Don't know why you get that odd description, but I'm fairly sure the Chips themselves don't store any information like that, so I wouldn't be too concerned about it...

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