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I have spent a long time reading speaker reviews for 2.1 PC speakers for under £100 or so, and the best speakers I can find (that are currently available on - I have vouchers!) are the Corsair SP2200s (link here.

Reviews do show, however, that they are aimed more at gamers, whereas I would mainly be using them for listening to music and TV shows/films.

Are there any other speakers out there for a similar price that you would recommend I look at or consider, before buying?

Obviously if I had the money I would go for the SP2500s, but despite the fact that they look amazing, I simply can't justify the price.
Also, I don't have the space for an amp to make my own speaker setup, so a premade 2.1 set is what I am looking for.

Thanks for any advice you can give,

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  1. I know no-one's replied here, but for anyone looking in the future I bought the Edifier R1600T Plus 2.0 Speaker System. The sound is impressive, and I am hearing things I didn't know my music had - but if you're expecting your desk to be vibrating, you need a dedicated subwoofer.
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