Canoscan 800f driver for windows 7

i just installed my canon scanner driver from the CD inot my new PC window 7 - but it can't be found after installation - i think i need a driver compatible with window 7 - right?
can you hel me, please
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  1. When you installed from the cd did it tell you that it was fore Windows 7 or another Windows. You can go to the Cannon support web page and get the drivers there.
  2. Two things ya need from their web site:

    1. The correct drivers
    2. The installation instructions

    Some equipments needs the drivers to be installed BEFORE ya connect it to the PC.
    Some equipments allows the drivers to be installed AFTER ya connect it to the PC.

    Very important to proceed according to manufacturer's instructions.
  3. Canon only offers a 32-bit driver for Windows 7. If you are running 64-bit then you're out of luck. Vuescan ( may be an option. It's not free but quite often is the only way to get support for an older scanner.
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