P4 HT 3.0C vs P4 HT 3.0B

Who is better performance wise ?
Please help. I want to buy a new P4 and i can`t find the P4 3.0C, I keep finding the P4 3.06 (3.0B) and i don`t know that is the diference beween them in terms of performance ? If there is no diference i`ll buy the P4 3.0B but i don`T want to be sorry. tnx
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  1. The P4C is faster. The P4'B' chips run on a QDR(Quad-data-rate) bus of 4x133Mhz (533Mhz), but the 'C' series runs on 4x200Mhz (800Mhz).. so the C processors have the advantage of 50% extra bandwidth supplying the CPU with information. And P4 CPUs <i>really</i> love bandwidth. plus with the 'C' ones you can run 200Mhz PC3200 Ram in synch with the FSB, which in itself brings advantages too (more of that lovely bandwidth!)

    In two otherwise identical systems, one with the P4C3.0 (& PC3200 Ram) would easily beat a P4B3.06 (PC2700 Ram).. by a fair margin considering the near identical clockspeeds. in excess of 10% (depending on what the benchmarks are) I would think..

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  2. The P4 HT 3.0C and the P4 HT 3.0B (3.06) have FSB 800
  3. Just make sure that your memory is quick enough for the 200x4 FSB. If your memory can't run that quick (PC3200or DDR400) then you'll need to upgrade to run the quicker 3.0C version. FYI, if you invest in awesome memory, most 2.4C P4's will overclock to 3.0 or higher to get you better price/perf.
  4. Quote:
    The P4 HT 3.0C and the P4 HT 3.0B (3.06) have FSB 800

    No, they don't... sorry. The "P4 HT 3.0B (3.06)" only has a 533Mhz FSB.

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  5. Have you tried New Egg?
  6. I live in Romania, new egg sends only in the US.
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