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hi friends i m a hardcore gamer and i want to buy the best gaming mouse and keyboard in the market but i m a bit confused . i play games like Crysis wars, COD4 and various first person shooting games. i m from INDIA so only RAZER, LOGITECH and MICROSOFT mouses r available here.

I m confused between :----

Logitech g9x
Microsoft Sidewinder x8
Logitech G500
and Razer high End gaming mouses

So some knowledgeable person pls guide me to buy the best. Honestly speaking my heart is on Sidewinder X8 (since its alienware like looks ) but i dont know whether it will be as great as among the list i told u so pls guide me .
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  2. I'm not mouse expert but I'm a gamer for a very long time. So correct me if I'm wrong.

    Logitech g9x --------------------------------- Price a bit high and same Max dpi as Logitech G500. Wired.
    Microsoft Sidewinder x8 -------------------- 2.4Ghz Wireless. I'd pass one this one since wireless usually bad news for gaming.
    Logitech G500 -------------------------------- Good price. Wired. Good reviews. Additional weight if you want it to feel heavier.
    and Razer high End gaming mouses ----- Higher price and some with lower spec compared to G500/G9X

    So if I have to pick, I would go with G500 for its price, reviews and usability.
  3. I'd recommend the Logitech G15 for the keyboard and the Logitech G500 for the mouse.. For the mouse, you can also consider the CoolerMaster Storm Sentinel Advance.. Its priced similar to the Logitech G500.. Razer products are fine but they do not have the build quality of Logitech peripherals..
  4. thx all :)
  5. For a keyboard I would recommend something with Mechanical Keys. They feel much better and more responsive when you are typing and gaming. Unfortunately logitech doesn't make mechanical keyboards so you can't get one with a LCD screen. I think the LCD screen logitech puts on their keyboards are useless anyway.

    Heres a really good post about Mechanical Keyboards. I recommend something with Cherry Blue or Blacks.

    Also check out the Razer Black Widow. It uses Cherry Blue keys.
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