Problem with laptop error 0078 on bootup


I need help can't get my uniwill notebook to boot stops at the autodetecting screen for cdrom and hdd. There seems to be an error code at the bottom of 0078, have tried removing the battery overnight to reset the cmos and didn't work. Please help
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  1. Check out this thread to give you a better idea of what you are looking at:
  2. thank you buwish

    I have already looked at that thread. Was somewhat helpful. This is a laptop and does not have any cables the HDD has a socekt like the RAM.

    Model 258KA5 from Uniwill Laptop
    AMI BIOS 08.00.11
    AMD 64 3400 Processor
    ATI 9700 Mobility Graphics

    When I try to boot, it comes up with numbers in the lower right corner of 0040, then 0060, 0075 and finally stops responding at 0078.

    Please any help would be much appreciated.
  3. Figured it out was a HDD problem, fixed and working fine
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