Is My CPU Good enough

Is My computer good enough to fully utilize a 54x Burner I if any of my computer components are not good enough what should I get. I have been having an argument with a friend of mine who says that my computer couldn't fully us a 54x burner. Anyway if you guys could help me out that would be cool.

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512 DDR PC2700
R 9700 Pro

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  1. In simple term, the transfer rate of CDRW depends on ATA bus speed. And A7N8X is capable of running ATA133, a ATA33 CDRW will work excellent and to its maximum, but you'll have to use compatible media to burn at that speed.

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  2. Your friend is an idiot. First of all, there is no such thing as a 52x burn, these newer recorders are multispeed and burn at something like 52x max, 16x minimum, for a full burn speed average of something like 36X.

    Second, you could use one with an old Pentium II if you wanted, it's all about transfer rates on the IDE controller, not the CPU.

    Third, modern drives run with "Burn Proof" or other brands of this technology, which allow your burn to pause while the buffers refill, preventing buffer underruns caused by overloaded IDE busses or drive performance issues.

    Your best bet is to have the CD burner as the secondary master, by itself. You could put a CD drive on as secondary slave, but don't count on CD to CD copies working without severe delays due to the pauses I mentioned. Instead, you should cache the CD to the hard drive first during a copy.

    And none of that has anything to do with processor power.

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  3. Crashman is correct.
    Just make sure you're using ATA133 compliant cables or your idiot friend will be right!

    Yes, if you are using the ones that came with the drive you be assured they are ata133.
    Also in the bios it will say what they are running at, it should detect what the device and cable are capable of and run at the highest. Though there will be settings for DMA or PIO modes.

    I run my ide0 master with my HD and ide1 master with my 52x liteon.
    No secondarys for me and you should have a similar setup.
    I also use Vantec rounded cables, they are cheap and do the job if you need ata133 cables.

    Though honestly you wouldnt really need ata133 cables for any burner, you cant burn 133MBs/sec.

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