Is My CPU Good enough

Is My computer good enough to fully utilize a 52x Burner I if any of my computer components are not good enough what should I get. I have been having an argument with a friend of mine who says that my computer couldn't fully us a 52x burner. Anyway if you guys could help me out that would be cool.

ASUS A7n8x Deluxe
2400+ Athlon
512 DDR PC2700
R 9700 Pro

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  1. Your system will utilize the 52 X burner.

    Here's where a gig of RAM really shows though, burnning. I see you have 512 now. You'll still get more speed out of a 52 X with a gig. of RAM., but like 30 sec.'s!

    Your friend is crazy. Get a 52 X LiteOn & don't look back. Laugh in his face. :lol:

    Well, I didn't think that was gonna happen!!!
  2. Quote:
    Laugh in his face. :lol:

    Agree :smile:
  3. I'll help :D

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  4. A PC 4 times slower than your PC can fully utilize a 52x burner.

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  5. stop listening to your freind!

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