RF interference

Just a quick a question...will I notice any significant delays with 3 2.4 GHz devices in a small room? I would like to buy a wireless headset, mouse, and keyboard but it would ruin it for me if I got bad delays because of it.
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  1. Seriously, if you rely on wifi network, don't use other wireless stuff -- and that includes cordless phone, video sender, baby monitor (you, know like useful stuff).

    The wireless stuff you mention is convenience not essential.
  2. I'm pretty sure that goes without saying that anything wireless is just a convenience. That doesn't really help me though..what I would like to know is if all the devices would work as normally if they were in use in the same room.
  3. They probably will work -- but if you have the option to select different frequencies (channels) for each use it -- and I would still worry about your wireless network speed.
  4. I have a wired network so i'm not to worried about that, more so the 3 2.4 devices i want to get. The only thing wireless I have right now in my room is a wireless xbox 360 controller.
  5. Check that the units you plan to buy have an option to change channels to avoid clashes.
  6. Will do, thank you
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