Picture sd card will not open on my computer

I've never had this problem before, but when I insert the sd card from my camera into the computer nothing happens. It doesn't even give me an option to open. Please help
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  1. Is it showing up in My Computer?
  2. No, it is not showing up on "my computer". Thanks
  3. You could have a physical problem with the card. This recently happened to me, the card stopped working on vacation. I couldn't use any software to recover my photos as the card wasn't being recognized by any card reader. Eventually I found out that it was a physical problem with the controller inside the card. The only way to solve the issue is to access the memory chip inside the card manually. I managed to recover my photos using the following company: http://card-recovery.biz/us/service.php

    They explain the process and the rates are reasonable in comparison to some of the very big data recovery companies....
  4. buwish said:
    Is it showing up in My Computer?

    I have a similar problem. My card does show up in MY COMPUTER but does not open on its own. I put a cd with photos on it in the drive and they did not open either. I could open them through MY COMPUTER but its a pain to get them moved over to MY PICTURES. Is that just a setting problem?
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