FS: I Still Have some 192 x 64 Sega Displays

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Hi Guys,

I've sold quite a few of these already and I'm getting down to my last
few dozens. I've picked through all the best ones. What I have left
all still work, but some have some bad burn in. Because of this, I'm
lowering the price on the ones with heavy burn. By heavy, I mean about
20% of the screen. I do still have a few nice ones left, but the bulk
have burn. Here are the prices:

$40/each for burned - Quantity discount for orders over 4.

$65/each for the better ones.

FYI - Most are Bobcock and manufactued in the 2000's.

When these are gone, I probably won't get anymore in. If you need
them, let me know.


Mike V.
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  1. Mike - looking for a decent one?

    crazig@blueyonder.couk Gary
  2. Stop gravedigging ffs. Can somebody PLEASE lock those threads?
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