Asus V8420 GF4 Ti4200 128MB

picked one up about 5 weeks ago from a local shop. The cooling fan was noisy at first but it became increasingly louder. So I finally yanked it from my system and now I'm running a Leadtek A250Le GF4 Ti4200 128Mb ViVo. So far so good.
It was my first Asus product and my first impression isn't too positive.

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  1. Did you buy the Leadtek card?
    Or did you return the Asus card and trade for the leadtek card.
    I hope you didn't get stuck with a broken card.
    The computer store I buy my computer hardware from are real assholes when you have to return something.
    Sometimes I don't bother returning stuff to them because they are pricks. I just take my losses.
    I take the loss because I might mercilessly beat the living $hit out of the [-peep-] sales clerk giving me a hassle for returning faulty hardware.

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  2. Sneakers Computers is where I bought the Asus. I called them to confirm that they had another one in stock. They said they did but when I showed up later that day (I told them I would), they'd already sold it. Buddy admitted it was his mistake. So the owner gave me the Leadtek instead which retails for 30 bucks Cdn more. I'm impressed with the customer service there.
    If I were you I would set up a website with all of your problems with that shop. Then I would e-mail them a link. Use the link in all of your sigs on the forums you attend.

    Get them where in hurts:Future business.

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