Sony CD-Player Deck problems

I have a Sony CD player (the component\deck-type, the large and thin kind) and it's worked fine for almost 12 years now (yea, that's right, 12 years and it still hasn't lost a beat, until now) but the CD player refuses to recognize that there is a CD in the drive if I put one in. Here's what happens:

1) I put a CD in
2) Close the tray [the CD spins up]
3) Then I hear some type of scratching noises (gentle noises)
4) Then the display reads "No Disc"

I don't know what's wrong. At first I thought maybe it's a dirty lens, but then that wouldn't explain the noises. I tried opening it up (to check if anything is visibly dirty or broken), but the front portion of the cover won't separate from the front faceplate. I'm not sure what's wrong, maybe someone can help me out?

Also, any idea why the cover refuses to separate from the front faceplate (I don't think it's attached, I'm pretty sure it has a thin lowered edge in front, which is tucked under the front cover. Those with some types of computer cases will know what I'm talking about)?


333 MHz Celeron (Slot1)
192 MB RAM
4 MB ATi Rage LT Integrated Video
ESS 1869 Integrated Audio
Comcrap (Compaq) mobo
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  1. Did you solve the problem?
    Please let me know
    because I have same problems in my cdp X55es, Dvd player.
    thank you
  2. Do you mean the plastic front cover? or the top metal cover of the unit?
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