Do Gigabit NICs improve cable modem speeds?

I've been in this arguement with some people in one of my networking classes. I say that typical 10/100 is plenty for cable modem users.
If I'm not mistaken <b>theoretical</b> bandwidth of cable internet is 500k a second. 100mpbs would easily serve this purpose even if you could hit 500k a second it wouldnt be a bottleneck.

On my @home service I dont usually hit over 300k a second and more often than not, slower depending on servers.
I understand why and how gigabit would be useful but using it for a cable modem, would not? ?
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  1. I would agree with you. Cable modem speed would be unaffected.

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  2. I am using RoadRunner. It never hit 350 kps even a 10 mbps is more than enough.
  3. I use Rogers Cable Internet (previously known as Rogers@Home) and sometimes I get over 3mbps. But unless there is a lot of internal network congestion, then a 100mbps network is more than enough

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  4. A 10 base T card is adequate for cable modem.

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  5. I'm sorry - people actually would think that a 1000Mbs NIC can improve download speed from a Cable Modem/DSL setup.

    I'd love to hear what some of their arguments are.

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