Video games bad for adults too?

Look like he needs to stay away from AA too
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  1. There has been research that VG are not bad for kids...but actually may help reduce violence.
  2. video games reduce violence and stimulate brain activity.
    people can grow to be more motivated, more inspired, more creative.. all because of their time with a video game.

    people can also grow sad and become suicidal from video games too.
    cheaters of any kind (even losing) plays a big role.
  3. ^ Is is not what a person has done as to what they will do on their won processing.
  4. fun work for somebody.
    winning too much can also have affects.
    and the brain energy from winning, and monitoring that energy - wrapped up to what they will do in the future because of what the energy stated .. as i said, it is fun work for somebody.

    i have been attacked by artificial intelligence more than i care to remember.
    it is painful drowning.
  5. ^ Same here...D**m Ghosts!
  6. the current round of bots have no conjecture for the humans to read.
    perhaps they forgot that people always come together, and it gives some people a chance to observe the situation and predict what everybody else is going to do in the near future.

    i used to be very very good at first person shooters.
    going like 40 kills with less than 5 deaths on average.
    sometimes up to 80 kills and less than 10 deaths.

    now.. playing the video games.. i struggle to keep a 1:1 ratio.
    with the nonsense of being faced with 1:2 or 1:3 k/d ratios.
    it is really stupid, and the mental abuse has accumulated well enough to spill out into emotional abuse.

    they aren't training bots.. they are stab you in the back bots.
    and when they arent doing that, they are dodging bullets when you aim at them.
    when they arent doing that, the game simply refuses to register your bullets.
    it is starvation.

    when we all get to play with humans (perhaps again) .. that will be another moment that needs to be monitored, because the chance will never ever happen again.
    as i said before, you could put an underground community up and recreate the years.. but it isnt the same when you have your antenna turned to space and the galaxy.
  7. Dude ... er ... can I interest you in one of my patent pending armadillo hats?

    We modified the outer dermal layer of these and added a mylar / beryllium oxide resin which will provide greater protection from alien thought incursions.

    See badge for more of the technical stuff on our products but we have both had significantly enhanced cognitive functioning since wearing them.
  8. i said a few days ago 'take a look at what i have lost and what little i have left before you go and take more away'
  9. But I don't get to read all 13000 posts every week ... please ignore my ignorance awp (your new nickname I am giving you).
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