Any Computer Information System graduates/students give any help?

Ok well i am a college student that switched to CIS major from a biology major that i took for 3 years (targeted pharmacy), but i realized science wasnt for me and i love technology / computers and its networking capabilities. I regret wasting money/time between my ages of 18-21 of college.

Im 22 and currently have 2 years left til i get my degree.

So what can i do to help me once im done with getting my degree? I know expierence is key, and currently i work for geeksquad at my local bestbuy as a technician. I know its not great, but i feel like its a great entry way (foot-in the door) for experience and have been there for a year and a half. But with what happend to best buy my hours have been cut from 21 hours to week to 7-12 on average which will not get me by. I still live with my mother so a job to keep me on float isnt desperately important but i wanna provide for my own as much as i can without having to work full time.

So where do yall suggest I look into in terms of getting a job within the IT field w/o having a degree/years of experience?

Ive already applied to apple as a genius, but i hear its full time so i wont really know how that would work. But if i do get desperate i might consider it.

I plan on interning somewhere soon but as of right now no. Will need to figure out how to get an internship as well.

Also what kind of certs should i be looking into on getting to add to my resume to get me a competitive advantage?

And to the CIS graduates, what kind of jobs do you current have and how difficult was it to obtain it?
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  1. If you might be interested in programming, then help out some free open source code projects. Or better yet, take over an abandoned project and breath new life into it. If an employer is able to easily find your name on the internet associated with real projects it will give you a boost over other candidates.
  2. I found a job as a student IT at my college. Was awesome.
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