Free dvd burner for windows 7?

Does anyone know of a free dvd burner i can use. I want to put some of my videos on to dvd, but windows dvd maker only allows 150 mins of recording, where as the dvd is 240 mins long.
Can anyone suggest a dvd burner i can use so i can fit more on to one dvd?
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  1. I use Imgburn (it seems popular with others), there are others Just google "free DVD buring Programs" for others
  2. What you need is a program that is capable of adjusting the bit rate to fit more on the same dvd. In other words if you have a 5 gb file and need to put it on a standard 4.7 gb disk which only holds about 4.3 gb it needs to be made to fit by reducing the quality.
    DVD Flick is a free burning program that can do this, download all required components from.
  3. +1 for all above programs. I use all three and they each have their downfalls and strengths.
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