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I'm not 100% sure where I should be posting this exactly. But very simple question.

I spend a lot of my time downloading certain video files, let's say for example TV Show X. Sometimes I'll watch directly on my desktop, sometimes Ill put in one my shared network to watch upstairs on my LCD TV with my laptop connected to it to access the files.

For some strange reason I've been noticing a lot lately that the sound is steady on my desktop, doesn't get quiet and loud drastically. But when I go to view it on my TV, the sound fluctuates from blow up the house loud to a whisper, meaning I am always adjusting the volume. I'm not sure if possible it just had to do with the file type or just a difference in hardware from a tv to desktop.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Here's a test. Instead of playing one of these variable audio files through to the LCD TV, play it on the laptop. Does the audio vary on the laptop as well?

    -Wolf sends
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