Swapping from 5.1 to 2.1. Need recommendations for bass!

Hi, I have a logitech x-540 5.1 Works a charm.. bass is amazing. Had it for about a year now I think ... but my room is becoming more and more filled with junk and I do need to cut down on the speakers and the wires.

What I need is a 2.1 system that looks good and has superb bass. Powerful bass. My limit to spend is about £60 - $97(100)

Any recommendations you guys have got? Would be very useful on my search :)

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  1. Well...I think your opinion of good/superb bass can differ from others. I don't really know much about the 2.1 In-A-Box systems, but If you want to crank up your sub as much as possible, try to use really high-quality mp3's or CD files and keep your connection digital. It helps. Even on cheap systems, the source DOES make a difference. If you are using it for games/movies, obviously that's a different story. Placement of your subwoofer will also affect it. I'd keep in a corner. Bass in the corner will be a bit boomy and sound a bit more distorted/dirty but it will be significantly more powerful than keeping it in the middle of a wall or middle of the room. (This also depends on your room-specific acoustics of course)

    Im sure others will help you out in getting a specific product.
  2. we have no idea what you are trying to say when you state 'superb'

    for powerful bass from a 2.1 system ..especially for $97.. i would suggest the klipsch promedia 2.1 system.
    it doesnt go very low (down to about 30hz) .. but it will belch out the bass loud.

    if you have an audio player that allows VST plugins..
    you could always try one of the harmonic-type bass boosters.
    it could give you a more perceived bass, although they are lies, those programs can be made to sound good.
    only when the entire system's harmonic distortion is lower than the harmonic distortion from the software plugin.. that is when you notice how fake the bass boost is (or how high quality the math used to create the plugin is).
  3. Logitech Z-2300 ....if you can

    Nuff said.
  4. can't you use your existing 5.1 system as a 2.1/3.1? one would think you can just take away the rear speakers and change the mode to 2.1/3.1

    worth a try as its a free solution and you're already happy with the output.
  5. blackhawk: if teh connection is digital then, the dac on a speaker will have to decode the signals... there is no way u can get more bass (or overall quality) by keeping connections digital.
  6. MEgamer said:
    blackhawk: if teh connection is digital then, the dac on a speaker will have to decode the signals... there is no way u can get more bass (or overall quality) by keeping connections digital.


    there is no way u can get more bass (or overall quality) by keeping connections digital.

    I know that...what are you trying to argue...
  7. i dont know if people know how harmonic distortion can help with more bass..
    the distortion involves itself with the suspension of the speaker.
    going in and out (meaning peak to peak) is signal to noise ratio.
    anything between the peak to peak (and sometimes the overall lack of peak to peak) is the harmonic distortion getting in the way.
    it is seriously like putting your finger on the speaker cone as it is trying to move in and out.

    have a woofer with 1,000 watts?
    you probably need more than a finger tip holding the speaker back.
    i would start with simply laying your hand on the cone without any pressure.. but keep your hand on the cone.
    if that doesnt change the sound.. apply very light pressure until you hear the volume go down a decibel.

    easiest comparison is when you try to talk with numb lips.
    less numb = more bass.

    it can and does happen.
    the sample rate and bit depth help because the signal to noise ratio and harmonic distortion gets lower and lower.

    more samples = more complex code needed.
    it means the foundation bit depth must be increased.

    maybe you would prefer to hear it like this..
    44.1khz and 48khz are much like 32bit operating systems
    192khz is like bumping up the operating system to 64bit
    because each sample is smaller.. the mathematical representation is also going to be smaller.
    if those mathematical representations are larger.. that means the processors have to be 50x faster instead of 5x faster.

    this is what it means to have a bit rate.
    i could point to something and say 1.
    i could point to the same thing and say ONE.

    obviously the number 1 is much faster and smaller than three letters (3x smaller in text amount.. and vastly smaller because you dont have to remember numbers like fourteen / fifteen)

    the quality of math is mandatory to know if it is high bit-rate or a lower bit-rate.
    your soundcard would be super badass if it could do the high levels of math and the low levels too.
    not only is the soundcard needing to do the math.. the digital to analog convertor chip needs to be doing that math.

    i could go on and on about the disaster and blessing of starting with high levels of math.. translating those into low levels (manipulating them) and then translating them back into high levels of math (without totally missing).
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