Favorite gaming mouse and mousepad?

So which gaming mouse do you guys like to use? I'm looking for something with a light btw, wired at a decent prize with at least 5 programmable buttons
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  1. Stay away from the Logitech G5 and G500. The G5 works well for a while but will eventually break down within 6 months. The G500 while it is shaped like the G5, that is where the similarity ends. If you are using the mouse for gaming, forget it. The G500 will cycle the middle mouse button when you pick it up and then set it down with anything more than a feather touch. This makes it absolutely infuriating when you are in game. And right on schedule at 6 months, the G500 like its older sister the G5 will start to breakdown, disconnecting and reconnecting at will, changing the effective dpi all on its own. The G5 was better out of the box but both models have a 6 month life span. If your mouse budget is $120 a year and you can tolerate random middle mouse button cycling then the G500 is for you provided you are a sadist and enjoy screaming at inanimate objects.

    Sorry, I cannot recommend a mouse for you but taking my advice will keep you from wasting $120 on Logitech version of New Coke.

  2. Deathadder by Razer. I have an OCZ behemoth mousepad.
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