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Hello all from Holland :) yes i am new here because Dutch Tech websites are no good :)

I have a problem which i am trying to solve but i am stuck. First i will give some hardware spec before i go on.

PC: 2600K, 8 gig memory, Asus 6970 2 gig videocard (http://www.ozone3d.net/public/jegx/201102/asus_hd6950_dc2_002.jpg) --> link of a pic to see the connector on the back of videocard, for later use in my story.

PROJECTOR: Epson EH TW6000 http://www.expertreviews.co.uk/projectors/1288798/epson-eh-tw6000

I have connected the projector and pc with an HDMI cable ( high speed so suitable for 3d which i have read ). Since there's no HDMI connector on the videocard ive put in a DVI to HDMI plug. So there's a dvi to hdmi plug in one of my DVI-I port ( am i right about this? ) from there goes a hdmi cable into my projector.

FULL HD works great, the picture is great, no problem at all.

BUT then 3d, what a nightmare. It's just not working. I have tried all kinds of iso's of blurays, side by side mkv's etc but it doesnt seem to work. Sometimes i get like a "blur" but still nothing.

My glasses work fine, tested them in another setup so there's nothing wrong with that

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  1. Have you tried a regular 3D BluRay player?
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