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Prices of AMD Going Down?

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September 22, 2003 10:56:52 PM

im gathering parts to build a decent gaming rig. i'm looking to buy an AMD ATHLON XP 2700+ with nf7-s mobo. i haven't bought them yet, but i chose the 2700+ because thats the cut off point between reasonably priced and the outrageously expensive 2800. i've pricewatched the CPU and i can get it for around $120 US or so. the problem comes here. i've been hearing that something called Athlon 64, the new generation of AMD CPUs are coming out very soon. i was wondering if this release of the Ath 64 would effect the prices of the other lower CPUs. i am really trying to find the best bang for the buck. how soon would the price change be in effect? or should i just go ahead and buy the 2700+ and mobo now?


and one last item, i was wondering what you think of this rig so far, which is what im planning to get.

nf7-s mobo version 2
athlon xp 2700
maxtor 120 GB <--- already bought
philips acoustic edge sound card <----already have
ati radeon Evil Commando PCI video card =[ <----already have
khypermedia 48x CDRW <--- already bought
generic CD-ROM drive
misc. accessories

any recommendations for swaps, or perhaps suggestions on places to score cheap parts? thanks a bunch guys

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September 22, 2003 11:12:23 PM

The release of new products typically results in lowering the prices of current products. In my experience it can be anywhere from instantly to taking months before a significant price drops happen.

In my opinion, the AMD cpu you want is the barton core 2500+. They come unlocked and with a new motherboard you can usually safely overclock to about 2ghz - 2.2ghz without major voltage increases.

If you don't want the hassle or having the slight risk of breaking your hardware, then the rated chip you're after (2700) is the way to go.
September 23, 2003 12:30:57 AM

I agree.
September 23, 2003 4:32:43 AM

thanks for the comments. any more? ^

by the way, what would make me want to get the 2500 over the 2700? im a true newbie, and my assumptions tell me that a higher figure is better, therefore 2700 > 2500. is that wrong? i've heard much about 2500 barton. is it because its ease of OC ability? will i not be able to OC the 2700 with even better results? thanks!

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