Memory update problem with Aspire 3000

I received an Aspire 3000, running XP and it shows only 192MB with 256M chip in installed, I put a 1G chip in and it is not recognized.

Updated bios to 3A32, no help. SIS is 2.27.g8

Any ideas on subject?

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  1. Are you sure it is the correct type of memory, i.e. DDR-4200 or DDR2-4200. On older laptops, you have to ensure that the memory is compatible with the motherboard. If it isn't, you'll get the results you are having. Try returning the memory and going with a slower kind (or look up the specs to see what type of memory is compatible with your laptop).
  2. What's the model # of the 1GB memory you tried?
  3. 64 mb is being used for graphics... The idea would be to check either the Aspire or one of the major memory company's websites as to what that model laptop would take for memory...

    Hey BUWISH... Non standard memory chips wouldn't have the cut-out slot in the right place and wouldn't fit the computer in question...Join the future by being smarter!
  4. I believe I was sent the wrong memory, am working with "1st Choice Memory" (who actually sent memory from universalmemory). I will update after things get corrected. Ed
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