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i would like to know is the nvidia gt130m could do better graphics then the playstation 3 i think it can because its a directx10 card can somebody please confirm
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  1. This has already been asked just a few days ago. Please search the forum before posting a question.
  2. The 130M is a die reduction of the 9600M, 55nm instead of 65nm. It is clocked slightly higher, and uses slightly less power. I, personally would be very surprised if a laptop fitted out with the mentioned GPU could outperform the PS3. The PS3 is an optimized gaming console and although running on almost ancient technology it would clearly out gun a laptop fitted out with the 130m. Although the PS3 GPU is a modded version of the GeForce 7900 GT it is highly optimized and you wouldn't get the same performance using the 7900 GT in a PC/laptop because of OS and other background issues. The fact that your card is DX10 really doesn't make a difference as the PS3 API is PSGL (a form of open source OpenGL) PSGL can in many instances recreate DX10 effects without major issues also the PS3 'cell processor' can render graphics of the highest quality as seen in Naughty dogs 'Uncharted 2' Basically to get PS3 level graphics/performance on a laptop it would need to be at the very least - quad core at 3.2GHz - 3Gb DDR3 ram and a 4650 1GB OC (a higher all round performance when compared to the GT 130m) I hope this answers your question and if you are truly interested in PC gaming I suggest you build your own desktop for an all round better performance that will blow the consoles out of the water! :)
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