How can i run video signal 200 feet

I have two projectors mounted in the ceiling of our church and need to run video signal to both of them from a single source. The sources for the video will have RCA, HDMI,DVI and USB outputs.
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  1. There are "active" splitters which will drive long cable runs, however the signal quality will be degraded. Use RG 6 cable with adapters to distribute video signals. The smaller the cable, the poorer the quality and more loss in a long wire.

    We usually refer to this type of installation as a "distribution amplifier."
    "audio/video" distribution amp is the most common and cheapest, most practical, and cheapest way to go. This just distributes the RCA plug-- composite video and audio signals.

    It's better to just pick ONE format and buy a distribution amp for that ONE format, instead of trying to distribute four different formats at once. That multiformat method will become complicated and expensive.
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