How can i run video signal 200 feet

I have two projectors mounted in the ceiling of our church and need to run video signal to both of them from a single source. The sources for the video will have RCA, HDMI,DVI and USB outputs.
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  1. This can get very complicated very quickly, but to make it as simple as possible with the info you gave I'm assuming that you don't need an HD signal.

    For a cable run that long ideally you would want to use a BNC cable to send composite video through a Distribution Amplifier (like what I have posted below)

    You can get an RCA->BNC adapter, and run from you source (what is the source), to the DA, then to the projectors.

    You also might consider hiring a professional.
  2. I would agree with Rev, get a professional involved, with that distance, you really need to make sure you don't end up with a huge signal loss. It will be well worth your money, to make sure you don't get all sorts of ugly video issues.
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