What is d difference between netbook and notebook

i dont understand d differnce in between notebook netbook and laptop..as in their use and al..do lemme no
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  1. the lines between netbook and notebooks have become rather blurred.

    generally netbooks are very small (~10" screens), light weight, use low power CPUs (intel atom primarily), no CD drive.

    but there are also many small laptops that have many of these characteristics, and "netbooks" which are larger and have more capabilities.

    In short, there is no clear line between netbooks and notebooks, its really more of a marketing thing.
  2. Notebook:
    A general purpose mobile computer. It has a keyboard (which may include a numberpad on larger models), and is generally equipped with a screen 13"-18" in size. There are many different uses for notebooks, including basic typing/internet uses, video/audio editing, CAD, and gaming. They can be pretty light and also very heavy, with a wide range of battery lives (~3 hours average I'd say). They also can be quite expensive, and sometimes run hot.

    A small mobile computer, generally with a less-than full size keyboard. Screens are generally 12" or less. They are equipped with low-power CPUs and other hardware only designed to be used to access the internet/do basic computing tasks on-the-go. They are very cheap (generally less than $400) compared to their bigger brethren, and usually have high battery lives (~5 hours average, I'd say).
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