want to assemble pc, need expert advise

Who can give a checklist? I want to assemble a pc,but I have no idea about the price, any expert can give me a checklist of accessories the prices of a whole pc, which will work together and give good performance. not the best, but cheap. Thank you all very much!!!!!
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  1. prices vary, you left it very general. do you plan on OCing? what is this gonna be used for? heres a basic list

    video card
    hard drive
    misc accesories

    check prices at pricewatch. finding the best deal for parts is a part of the "building a computer" process, and you have to customize it to your liking. don't let anyone sway your decision, but maybe give you advice.
  2. If you buy an OEM processor (i.e. NOT a retail one), then you'll also need to buy a CPU cooler.

    The Best bet is to give us your budget, and we could make some suggestions. plus tell us if you have any parts which you plan to use, i.e. Monitors, Keyboards, mice, etc. as that would help.

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  3. Thank you very much, my budget is 1000
    and want to have a 17 lcd
    Do you have any good suggestion?
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