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I struggled to find a suitable forum for this topic, so I hope here will be fine.

I just put in my brand new Radeon 5670, pieced the PC back together and plugged everything in. After turning it on, I realised my mouse and keyboard weren't working. Both are Logitech and wireless.

The keyboard works in the boot up section and I can access the BIOS and whatnot. I noticed that in Windows, it shows that it detected several USB devices, including my wireless network adapter. I'm unsure as to whether or not the mouse and keyboard where in it. The network adapter has a feint light on the power section but not light at all on connecting.

The problem persists in safe mode. I've tried unplugging the power cord and dissipating the rest of the power and leaving it for a few minutes. I don't know how to access the control panel to try reinstalling the drivers without a mouse or keyboard.

Any help is much appreciated.
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  1. Confirm that both keyboard and mouse are plugged directly into USB ports on the motherboard -- not a hub or a wired front panel socket on the computer. That should eliminate components being displaced when you installed the Radeon (presumably a display adapter ? -- please say what in future posts).

    Best bet is to remove the Radeon and see if everything works as before. Then go into the BIOS screens and disable any ports you won't be using -- Midi/Games, COM ports, Parallel Printer Port (if present and you will be using USB printer).

    Restart Windows a couple of times to sort out resource assignments. Turn off and try reinstalling the Radeon. If you can, at least get it all working in Safe Mode, you may be able to manually re-assign resources in Device Manager.
  2. The Radeon 5670 is a graphics card.

    I removed it and the problem is still there. I can't find any of the ports you mentioned under the BIOS (I'm guessing it was under Integrated Peripherals, but I looked on every menu as well).

    Would the drivers affect the use of the keyboard outside of Windows? If not, is there no way to remove the drivers through comman prompts without opening Windows?
  3. This sounds like a real toughie. Forgive me if I can't offer any immediate help. Lets see if anyone else can come in.

    Meanwhile make a duplicate post in the Graphics and Displays forum.
  4. No worries. Everything else I've found on the internet hasn't got me anywhere. Loads of people just say "open up the control panel..." without realising that the mouse and keyboard won't work at all.
  5. Found a fix for it (at least for me!). I booted from the XP disc and repaired it. I didn't realise there was another option for repairing under installing XP as opposed to repairing from the command console. So, instead of hitting R, hit Enter instead. THEN choose the OS to repair.
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