Megalodon, Good or Bad?

ive been looking for a reasonably priced gaming headset, and im leaning towards the Razer Megalodon (around 160£ in Norway). I have a friend who tried it once, and said it was very uncomfortable, i personally dont know anything about the comfort, except that its been praised by many reviewers for its comfort.

I also wonder if there are any other gaming headsets out there, at around the same price (160£).
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  1. Bump, anyone?
  2. I own the Razer Megalodon and absolutely love it. It has great sound and I honestly find it to be very comfortable (I wear it for around 4 hours at a time and haven't found it to be bothersome at all). My old headset was an Alienware Tactx headset and I can definitely say that the Razer is more comfortable. I also own a pair of Sennheisser and in terms of comfort I still prefer the Megalodon. I haven't tried out many other headsets so I don't have much to compare it too... but from my personal experience I would recommend them.
  3. i use my studio phones, audiotechnica ath-m50, when i'm in need of headphones. if i need a microphone i can always just use a clip on. the sound quality blows away gaming headsets even if it is only stereo and not 5.1.
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