R.A.T.7 mouse erratic movement

My new gaming mouse "Cyborg R.A.T.7" moves all over the place when I turn the sound on.

I made a video

any help?
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  1. Very strange issue. It seems as if there is a conflict between the sound card and the mouse. Try updating the sound card driver and see if that helps. Hopefully it isn't a hardware issue.
  2. I tried it on two different computers, one with on-board audio (the laptop) and one with a Creative X-fi PCI-E with the same results. I don't think it is a sound card driver issue.
  3. It would seem then there is an issue with the mouse. Have you checked the manufacturer's support site for any assistance? Perhaps it is a common issue that they have a fix for.
  4. Indeed it would seem to be a problem with the mouse. I did the whole song and dance with tech support, eventually they sent me a whole new mouse, saying the old one was bad. Unfortunately it had the same issue. In fact the new mouse is the one featured in the video. Either I am incredible unlucky or this is a problem inherent to the design? It seems to be particularly sensitive to certain frequencies. Also strange is that it seems* to get worse over time, developing stronger and stronger anomalies while subjected to vibration. Where as at first it takes a high volume to induce the movement, after a time the volume can be turned down, yet it continues to exhibit the erratic motion. This almost seems like a electromagnetic or power issue. Which would be really wacky, especially considering other mice experience no such trouble.
  5. Hi ya I just got a R.A.T. 7 and I've been using it with my laptop when I was install a game I found that the mouse was going all over the place when the D.P.I. was set between half and max because of the vibration created by the cd/dvd drive. So I'm wondering if you've got the base up and the vibrations causing it.
  6. Hey same thing here, I have the R.A.T. 7 and I have the same issue where the mouse is moving on itself when I turn on my speakers and base without touching it. Now that I have been using it for few months is getting even worst and the mouse is sometimes not moving vertically, only horizontally... is awful!
  7. I'm having this problem and I don't even have speakers (I use headphones). There's no logical cause on mine, the cursor just randomly jumps straight up or down. It's driving me insane, and Mad Catz support is insanely slow to respond to emails.
  8. I myself own a rat 9 and mine use to do that. it may be cause by a conflict of frequencies i would recommend playing with the dpi settings or updating drivers from the website. You might even need to reinstall mouse software, but if worse comes to worse send it back.
  9. I have been having the same problem, but I have found a way to fix it until Mad Catz support admits they have a problem. I put a white smooth folded paper napkin on my mouse pad and the jerking quit. So to me it is a laser problem. I do layout of circuit boards all day with it and this works for me for the time being.
  10. The problem is the metal in the mouse. Especially with the weights in place. Take your weights out and the cursor will not jump around nearly as much. Because of the metal plate on the bottom, it will never be perfect like a plastic mouse. I wonder if I got magnets in the shape of the weights if that would help...
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