Missing Display Monitor Choice in Windows 7

I'm trying to help a friend of mine who is trying to hook up his computer to his LCD t.v. to use as a monitor for watching video from the internet using a VGA cable or S cable. He had done this in Windows XP in the past, but has since upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 7. Now, when going to his properties display, it only shows one monitor instead of two. What could be the problem & how can he get the 2nd monitor displayed so he can switch to use it with his t.v.? He said he tried to update his drivers, but it showed they were already up-to-date. What else could it be or could he try???
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  1. Try hooking up the laptop to the tv and then restarting. If that doesn't do it, try hitting fn+f5 to bring it up on the tv.
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