Logitech G9X mouse problem?

I received my G9X today to replace my Lachesis (4k dpi one), and there seems to be a problem with the lift off or something.

The cursor can jumps literally INCHES around from me pulling up and/or putting the mouse down.
The liftoff is atleast 1cd for the g9x.
The Lachesis may feel like less of a liftoff compared to the g9x.

Ideas? Solutions? It can screw with aiming. I'm a gamer type that lifts their mouse quite often.

Edit: I'm using an OCZ cloth mouse pad.
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  1. The mouse I'm using, if you lift it straight up, does not move the cursor at all. If you go straight up with the mouse, does it not move, or does any motion cause it to do this?

    You probably need to check with Logitech about this, although I don't think they would view this as a "problem" so much.
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