Using your TV as a computer monitor?

I heard that many modern plasma and LCD high-definition TV's actually have ports where you can plug your computer into and use as a monitor. My brother bought a 56" 1080P plasma screen, and he is giving me his slightly smaller, 720P LCD TV to use as a monitor for my new rig. My setup includes the following.

*Core i7 930
*MSI Big Bang X-Power X58 motherboard
*6GB DDR3 1333 MHz tri-channel RAM
*850W PSU
*Radeon HD 5970
*2TB Hitachi 7200RPM HDD
*W7 HP 64-bit

Can I use my brother's giant 720P plasma TV as a monitor using an HDMI wire?
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  1. Yes, it is possible. But require additional software

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  2. Quote:
    Yes, it is possible. But require additional software

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    What kind of software?
  3. No additional software is necessary.

    Simply connect the video card to the 720p HDTV using the VGA cable or HDMI (if the TV has that port).

    720p is a little odd. Older 720p HDTV will be recognized as 1280 x 720 or 1280 x 768 when connected to a PC. Newer 720p HDTV will most likely be recognized as 1366 x 768.

    Many times when connecting a HDTV to a video card and you set the desktop to the HDTV's native resolution, the desktop will either be smaller than the screen (underscan) or the desktop is expanded beyond the screen (overscan). To fix the issue:

    1. Launch Catalyst Control Center (CCC)
    2. Expand the Digital Panel section
    3. Click Scaling Options
    4. Slide the control left / right until the desktop fits properly
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