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Will a 4 ohm electric crossover work on a 8 ohm tweeter
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  1. honest answer is maybe.

    sometimes the parts that create the crossover will accept 4 - 8 ohms
    sometimes the ohm rating is wider.
    sometimes it is 4 ohm only because the pieces work very narrow.

    you could read the instruction manual.
    you would need an oscilloscope and a multimeter to test the ohms.
    final output phase check.. as well as knowing the ohm load the amp can see.
    these are very helpful to determine if it is completely safe or a completely bad idea.

    i would say hook it up and try it.. but i dont have any experience doing that.
    and i know how bad things could go.
    maybe you tear the voice coil
    maybe you overcook your amp
    maybe you overcook the crossover and REALLY overcook the amp
    maybe the amp and crossover is safe, but the tweeter sounds desperately wrong for the next 3 years.

    if there is enough electricity.. mixed with something flammable..
    you could start a fire if the crossover dies from melting or sparking.
  2. It will work but the level of the tweeter will probably be off. This can happen with any non original replacement. If there is a tweeter level control this may help. You also would have to change both tweeters in a pair of speakers.
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