Should I get a 720p or 1080p 32" TV?

Just wondering what might be the best choice. Newegg has two Vizio TV's on sale right now (both refurbished), and the 720p is $210, while the 1080p is $265.

I'm just wondering if I would notice the difference if this was going in a room where the closest viewing will be about 6-7 feet away...the furthest will be 9-10 feet away, but I'd just like to focus on the closest.

So, at 6-7 feet away from a 32" TV, is it worth it to get a 1080p version, or will you just not notice the difference and be wasting $55?

Thanks for any help!
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  1. The difference in quality won't be huge at that size but for 55$ you might as well go for the better one, in my opinion.
  2. depends on the content.

    if all you watch is 480p or 720p then you wont notice an improvement. however if you watch 1080p content then yes you will notice a difference.

    1080p as an option is definitely worth an extra $55
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